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Conveyancing and notarial services

We are equipped to deal with general conveyancing matters as well as services germane to the Construction Industry. We offer the full range of Notarial Services including Antenuptial Agreements and Notarial Bonds.

Commercial agreements

We offer a wide range of commercial products to our clients, including the registration of companies and trusts as well as the drafting of commercial agreements, in particular various sale agreements, building agreements, lease agreements, shareholders agreements, franchise agreements and many more. We also have years of experience in commercial lease agreements and would like to consider ourselves experts therein.

Commercial litigation and dispute resolution

We are seasoned and hard-core litigators with experience in handling major and complex litigation, mostly from the High Courts. Litigation is inherently risky, time-consuming and costly, which in our experience, can often be avoided or curtailed by a thorough and early understanding of the facts and the development of an appropriate strategy to achieve the best possible result. However, once the battle lines are drawn, we go all out to win.

Insolvency practice

We deal with both private sequestrations and the liquidations of companies and close corporations. We assist clients with the restructuring arising therefrom and with insolvency inquiries, where it arises.

Wills, Deceased estates, Estate planning, Trusts

We assist with the entire spectrum of your personal estate planning from preparing your will, providing assistance with proper estate planning, administering the deceased estate from start to finish, ensuring sufficient cashflow in the estate, setting up family and/or business trusts, providing for minors or other vulnerables in a testamentary trust-all to obtain the optimum solution for your asset distribution after your death and ensuring the best protection for your assets in trust.

Family law

We offer the full range of services relating to family and matrimonial law including divorces, custody applications, maintenance hearings, domestic violence matters and ante-nuptial agreements, to name a few.

Debt collections

We are setup for cost effective and time sensitive debt collections and enter into tailor-made fee agreements with our collection clients. Contact us for a free consultation to reach an understanding of our services offered and fees charged. Because we have a strong litigation and insolvency history, we are also able to assist with the next leg of collections that become litigious or require insolvency procedures to collect and find hidden assets.

Forensic legal services & White collar crime

These services include fraud, theft and corruption investigations, asset tracing, litigation support and business intelligence (individual as well as company profiles). We also assist selected clients accused in white collar crime matters.

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